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With a multitude of hosting platforms out there that offer simple templates for DIY websites, it can be easy to think you can create a great website for your company on your own… BUT, then you start using the template and get lost in the endless options of colors and fonts and pictures and functions and website things you didn’t even know existed. 

Don’t waste your time! Let the experienced geeks at 4 Week Website use professional tools to maximize an efficient, responsive, and beautiful website for your business while you focus on doing what you do best – running your business! Our web geeks have developed systems that streamline website development based on your business’ goals.

Why websites fail

What makes some websites highly trafficked, revenue-generating machines while others fall short?

Awesome messaging is critical. Visitors who do not clearly understand what it is that you do, or why they should hire you to do it won’t take action.

Once your messaging hits your audience in the feels, you need captivating links/buttons on your site that encourage action. (Check out our CTA right below!)

You’re often asking a complete stranger who lands on your site to feel comfortable entering a payment method.

They need to trust you.

By 2025, 72 percent of internet users will access the web solely via their smartphones (equivalent to nearly 3.7 billion people) If you aren’t including mobile design, you are missing out. 

People are not patient. If a site doesn’t load quickly we hit the back button and buy from a competitor. Did you notice how quickly our site loads? 



Stand apart from your competitors with an elegant and exciting website designed with YOUR customers in mind. Nothing about your site will look like a packaged deal from a DIY website company. Our geeks will infuse the site with your branding, from the use of your logo to fonts to color and photos. We’ll make sure the site is truly unique to your business.

While it may not look like anything else on the web, it will be as easy to edit as any DIY site. You will NOT need to know any code to edit your site, and our geeks will make sure you/your team are trained and confident in your sites content management system.

Few things are more frustrating than having a beautiful website that looks like a train wreck – or worse, just doesn’t function at all – on a mobile device. Our geeks will code your site to be responsive to any size device from any service provider. Your site will be just as beautiful and easy to use on a phone as a laptop.

Is it working? Our geeks are committed to your success, which means diligently analysing the effectiveness of your site. Are people finding your site? How long are they staying there? Are they clicking around and looking at lots of areas? What are they most interested in? Analysing how your customers interact with your site helps us better understand how to improve your site for better user experience. Each of our hosting & maintenance packages include update hours, so you never have to pay to make adjustments and updates to your site.

Our 4 Week Process

We’ve refined our process to produce a superior website without all the headache.



We designed websites that drive results. By helping us understand your business needs and who your customers are, we will put together a recommended content and feature pack that we will review and approve together.



How your website functions is critical to your customer’s experience. We build websites with the best function for your business at the forefront of our design. From blogs to ecommerce, our geeks will make sure your site gives your customers everything they are looking for and more when they visit.



Whether you already have an ill-performing website, or just a lot of ideas for what you want on your site, we’ll work with you to integrate your content into your new, efficient and effective website. Need some new branding? We can help with that too! Our geeks are skilled at making your site a beautiful and satisfying digital experience for your customers.



Our final week of building your site is all about the bling! We’ll go over the layout with you, ensure all your content is polished and published, and add all the final professional details that will really make your site stand apart from your competitors. Few things are more exciting to our geeks than launching a new site! We can’t wait to celebrate with you!

Let's do this.

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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We're not satisfied until you're satisfied & work with you to make sure you love your site.


Once your project is complete you retain 100% ownership rights.


We will never nickel-and-dime you. Our pricing is transparent and all-inclusive.


We are a team based in Utah's Silicon Slopes with an additional creative office in Culver City, CA

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